Bruno Moinard


Interior architect, designer, scenographer and agency creator, Bruno Moinard is able to escape the rigor and precision necessary in these multiple professions through a painter’s activity, which he practices without constraints. This creative energy, essential to his own equilibrium, is released as he voyages around the world, in paintings and gouaches that are neither travel stories, nor picturesque landscapes, but rather the testimonies of a sensation, the remnants of a light or a spectacle. In these recreations of remembrance, certain elements of reality surface: a museum work, a piece of furniture, an animal, or the cliffs of Normandy. What he has before his eyes is transformed into abstract form, of large brushstrokes, the result of a gesture both free and controlled, from a joyous use of color and light, which recreates, like so many sensory captors, the essence of his perception.

Fragmentary collages of torn painted drawings testify to these sensations that intertwine, as in our memories. The new spaces of these original arrangements arise from an experience of reconstruction, similar to that of memory. This aesthetic fragment and assembly develops in the form of a polyptych, which Bruno Moinard uses often: whether painting or drawing, a new work then results from the juxtaposition of two or three compositions, sometimes similar and sometimes opposing. From this happy encounter, from these collisions between various temporalities, mutually enriching effects are born. And so that these similar or dissimilar works can speak to each other even better, a line, a shape or a color, jumping from one canvas to another, associates them forever.